Cuvée3 in collaboration with IGLU ( has helped many private customers over the years to build their dream home wine cellar

We offer:

On site consultation and evaluation

Autocad drawing cellar design

Planning and execution action in coordination with the IGLU Technicians

On the making:

An expert sommelier will follow every step to ensure utmost detail and perfection.

Once the cellar is completed: the inventory

You should know the value of your wine collection. Verifying its exact contents is step one. We will work through the cellar, do inventory and catalogue using a dozen categories. Among them: location, bin, vintage, domaine, grape, cuvee, quantity and size. Once catalogued, searching the collection by any of the aforementioned categories will give you a greater sense of next steps: drink, sell, hold, buy, move or donate. You will never lose track of a bottle again, and your cellar will be much easier to navigate

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